Third Trimester!

We had our 28-week prenatal appointment and I had the infamous glucose test done.  It’s funny that we hear about the highlights of pregnancy journeys and this is something I’ve always heard about.  The whole appointment was actually pretty underwhelming LOL.  Of course I was running late to the appointment that was most time sensitive.  I received the orange flavor and I chugged it just in case the taste was unbearable.  It was fine contrary to the reports that it’s so disgusting and super sweet.  The highlight of being stuck in traffic was the dance party that Bean was having a few minutes after I finished the drink.
While I was late for my appointment, I was still ahead of the window needed for the blood draw.  I was most anxious about the results.  While I’ve been pretty balanced in my food choices, no one wants to hear about possible dietary restrictions.  I was glad to get a message from my doctor a couple days later that the results were normal.  Bring on the sweets!  Just kidding…but you can pass me a burger with jalapenos instead!

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