Mommy Trainer 15 Day Challenge

One of the first (free) training programs I decided to try was Mommy Trainer’s 15 Day Challenge.  The program consist of workouts and nutrition for everyone, not just moms.  I was drawn to the program because it included pregnancy modifications.  Perfect!  Let’s do it…

About the program…

Upon sign up, you give a little info about yourself (whether you’re expecting) and your fitness goals.  There’s the option to post your starting point (pictures, weight, etc.), but I chose to leave all that blank.  My goal was to get moving after weeks of fighting fatigue.  I also opted out of the nutrition piece mainly because most meals included some sort of dairy.  My relationship with dairy…well, it’s complicated.

What I loved…

I loved that it was a video workout that I could access through YouTube instead of a list of exercises I was left to google on my own.

I also loved that I could do these workouts at home…with a yoga mat, hand weights, and an exercise ball (mine was deflated and I may or may not have thrown away the pump).  So, yea, I was able to do all the workouts with just my yoga mat and weights.

I loved that there were 3 modification levels…for the most part, I was able to do the advanced modifications, although it was very challenging (but that’s the point, right?).

REST DAYS…although it took me closer to 30 days to get through this challenge (because life and fatigue happen), I appreciated that there were 2 built in rest days.

The cool down was great.  Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes…most times, I skip over stretching after my workouts.  I’ve been reading and re-reading how hormones affect joints and stability, so I decided to do the cool down with the workouts.  I’m glad I did!  It helped with soreness and maybe it’s in my head, but I think it increased my flexibility too.

I tagged MommyTrainer on my IG page and she responded with motivation.  Does it get any better?

FREE…did I mention this was a FREE challenge?  Perfect for my budget.

What I could do without…

Dairy…again, it’s complicated.

Overall, it was a great challenge and I can see myself doing it again before these 100 workouts are over.  Get moving and let me know what you think about the Mommy Trainer 15 Day Challenge!

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