You’re probably wondering if I’m a hippie of some sort…I’m actually wondering too!  Energy is so important, especially during this time.  I’ve really been more aware of how I’m spending my time during this journey of pregnancy.  I like to think that I’ve been intentional during gestation because I want to cultivate a positive and peaceful environment for Bean.  Last week, I was focused on extending gratitude to those around me.
Instead of complaining to Bean’s Dad about all the things that need to be done in the house (ok, ok, maybe I still mentioned a few things), I set an intention to extend gratitude for the help that he’s been providing.  I also set an intention to extend acts of gratitude to my co-workers (it’s been stressful as of late) and it’s amazing to see a shift in others just by expressing gratitude toward them.   I also felt great and uplifted in my acts of gratitude (everyone wins)!
The last few days I’ve been feeling nauseous, sluggish…and just blah.  My swim didn’t feel great, my long run felt like torture…something was just off.  My body seemed to constantly be reminding me that it was not my own.  The discomfort of feeling full for extended periods of time was becoming too much.  At the height of discomfort I remember saying I felt claustrophobic in my own body.  Yes, I was giving HIGH DRAMA, but as Bean gets bigger (and I get bigger too), I need to find a way to balance my feelings of discomfort because I have another 12 weeks to go.
What does balance look like?   For me, it means setting an intention before I start my day.   No, that doesn’t mean that bad things won’t happen or my routine will go without a hitch, but I  have CHOICE over my response to the environment around me.  I’m choosing gratitude again.  That’s how I intend to maintain my balance today…and this week.   Take a deep breath…find and extend gratitude to someone else (or even yourself).  We can all use a little balance!
Thank  you for being a part of this journey with me.Attachment-1

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