Cherry Blossom Ten Miler

So if you’ve been following my Instagram and/or have checked out my post about my Cherry Blossom training…this update is for you!! No worries if you haven’t been keeping up…keep reading.
When Bean’s dad and I found out our family was expanding, I told him I wanted to stay active.  I showed him pictures of fit moms and fit moms to be that seemingly didn’t skip a beat while pregnant.  Of course, he supported my decision and encouraged me when the workouts got tough.  A few weeks later, I told him I signed up for the Cherry Blossom Ten Miler lottery.  He looked at me…like seriously, at 7 months pregnant?  I said yep!  I can do this.  He didn’t doubt my decision and when I showed him the training schedule…he said, let’s do it.
So notice I said I signed up for the lottery…there was no guarantee that I would actually get entry to the race.  I told myself if it was meant to be, it would be.  A few weeks later, I saw the payment clear my bank account and I knew…I had been selected.  What…did…I…do?!  The first few weeks of training were fine because I was pretty comfortable at 2-4 miles.  Slow, but comfortable.
I scheduled my long runs for mostly Saturday and had the comfort of running with my amazing run crew, District Running Collective (DRC).  The closer I got to the race…the bigger I got.  The bigger I got…the more I questioned my decision.   Sunday morning (race day), I sat on the edge of my bed looking in the mirror saying…last chance to back out.  Before I could get too much into my thoughts, Bean’s dad nudged me…come on, let’s go!
The weather was good, slightly windy, but I didn’t feel a thing once the race started.  I was in my own world…setting my rhythm of breath and steps.  I kept view of some of the DRC crew in sight, but kept telling myself to run my own race and pace.  It was smooth sailing through mile 6…and then I had to pee.  The lines for the port-a-potty were ridiculous…so I kept going.  Around this point, my feet started to ache and I felt a blister (or two) coming on.  I started my run/walk and before I knew it…I was at mile 8.  Another opportunity to pee…so when I realized I wasn’t going to get swept by the pick up bus, I got in line to pee.  It was only a few women with me and three stalls.  After a couple minutes…I realized maybe the other runners weren’t peeing like I planned to do…Eww.  For fear of the smell and what I would encounter, I ran back to the race route and kept going.  My dad called me…I didn’t have the breath so I just let it ring…and ring…back to my rhythm.
The last couple of miles for me are always the most taxing…my feet are starting to fail me and the finish line can’t come soon enough.  Mile 9…The most lit Cheer Squad ever!  I had the crew running out screaming me on, confetti flying…and I knew I had to keep going.   I’m all smiles because the energy was amazing!  Two runners beside me were in awe of just how LIT DRC’s cheer squad is and said…”that was the most exciting moment of my life”.  I was beaming with pride!  Let’s go!  9.5 miles…there’s a hill.  Who puts a hill at the end of a 10 mile race?! Cherry Blossom.  Let’s go Bean…we’re almost there and then we can pee.  I see the finish line and I muster the most sprint like motion possible at 28 weeks with my feet ready to blister.  Finish line…the relief and sense of accomplishment crossing the finish line couldn’t be matched!  We did it!  10 miles at 28 weeks (with no pregnancy related aches)!





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