Happy Mother’s Day!

Yesterday was eye-opening for me as I sat on a patio overlooking the James River while brunching and chatting with my parents and fiance.  It all makes sense now… When Bean’s Dad and I first realized we were expecting, I was surprised…wait, terrified that we would be responsible for someone’s LIFE.  Yes, it was that…

Third Trimester!

We had our 28-week prenatal appointment and I had the infamous glucose test done.  It’s funny that we hear about the highlights of pregnancy journeys and this is something I’ve always heard about.  The whole appointment was actually pretty underwhelming LOL.  Of course I was running late to the appointment that was most time sensitive….

New York to D.C.

  So it’s been a crazy week in the Nation’s capital.  There have been a lot of changes and even more protests.  Last weekend was a blur for me (hence the radio silence here) and I’m just now able to somewhat gather my thoughts about a few things. I had the opportunity to run for…

Too Much Sauce

Week 17…time is flying by!  I’m patiently awaiting my baby bump to show up any day now.  It’s odd, because I definitely have lower back pain already and my co workers catch me waddling sometimes!  Weird, right?  While my bump hasn’t popped yet, my tatas hit another growth spurt!  Sheesh, I thought they were done….

Gender Reveal?

TGIF!  Perhaps it’s me and my pregnancy brain, but I spend a good amount of time during the week making lists of things that need to be done over the weekend!  Today was exciting because it was a doctor visit day!  No, it wasn’t a milestone appointment, but I got to hear Bean’s heartbeat and…