Holiday Traditions

It’s holiday season and Bean is getting in some serious time in with family in VA and NYC!  He’s growing up right before our eyes and it’s so cool to see him interact with our families.  We split the holiday weekend so Bean could experience it with both sides of our family.
Bean took pictures with Santa…not pictured…well because he was just waking up.  He nor Santa looked too amused, so that was a wash.  I may be brave enough to try again here in the city.
With the holiday season here, I’m trying to think what traditions to start with our new little family.  Will it be personalized ornaments?  Or maybe pictures with Santa will be our thing…what’s your holiday tradition?

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  1. S. Marie says:

    I think it would be nice to do a Christmas ornament commemorating every year. Then at 18 or whenever Bean leaves the nest, you can give him the 18 ornaments to fill up his first tree. You can also personalize the ornaments to mark Bean’s “firsts”, first tooth, first year walking, first baseball game, etc.


    1. I love both of these ideas! Thanks so much!


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