Month 4 and 5

Hello….is this thing on?!

It’s been a couple months…possibly the busiest couple of months since Bean’s arrival.  We’re officially in our first home!  We ended a two year lease at the end of August…only we were still in the home-buying process.  Fortunately we have great friends that took new career opportunities in New York and let us stay in their vacant home for a month until their long-term tenant moved in.  Still no closing date….so we crashed at a friend’s home for two weeks…and then….we CLOSED!!

I can’t put into words how it feels to have our first home!  We’ve done some painting, survived our first repair and we’re still settling in just a month after moving in.

Bean has been a trooper through all the transition and he’s thriving with his milestones.  He’s turning over and sitting up with assistance.  He’s eating oatmeal (and loves it as much as I do) and soon will start with some veggies!  Bean has a superman grip and is picking up everything before giving it a taste test.  He’s so happy and full of laughs.  He tries to stand every chance he gets and I have a feeling the doctor was right when she said he’ll be walking before age one.

Emory’s sleep game is still quite unpredictable.  There are times that he sleeps from 9pm to 7am like during the first two nights of daylight savings….and then there are times when he wakes up at 1am…and again at 4am.  I still have yet to transition him to his crib and room because his sleeping hours are all over the place.  Yes, I could get a monitor…but I’m not ready yet.  But I may be soon because the way these bags under my eyes are set up.  Stay tuned for more on that

He’s so curious and has a hunger for exploration and I’m so happy to have our home be a great space for him to grow up!  Bean also has his first companion…Bubbles, our dog.  Bubbles is our 10-year-old Jack Russell Terrier.  She has been a trooper sharing the attention…ok, that’s not true.  She tries to steal the spotlight whenever she can.  She and Bean seem to be building a bond…Bubbles will stand still long enough for Bean to pet her before she runs off to get into mischief.

Check out my IG page for more pictures of Bean and what he dressed up as for Halloween!

Mommy questions?  Life questions?  Or just a comment?  Leave them here for us!

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