Baby (and Mommy) Eczema

I’ve had eczema since I can remember.  Back then, the treatment was a steroid cream/ointment for flare ups.  Citric acid seemed to trigger it (at least that’s what we thought) so I stayed away from citrus fruit, sodas, etc.  That probably explains why I’m not big on orange juice now (unless it’s a mimosa).
When I was kid, I remember my pediatrician telling me that my kids would have eczema too…she was right!  As I got older and went to dermatologists, I learned that dyes and fragrances were not my friend.  So I started living the unscented life…soap, detergent, lotions, deodorant, you name it! Aside from a few flare ups every few years, I have been able to manage it well.
Well, pregnancy threw me for a loop as my eczema flared up again and I couldn’t rely on my steroid cream any longer because I didn’t want to harm Bean.  And guess what…breastfeeding is a continuation of pregnancy in that way.  Everything I consume and use on my skin get to Bean.  My allergies were also pretty rough this summer and fall (no allergy medication allowed) so…my skin and eyes were all out of wack.  My doctor recommended the anti-inflammation diet…I followed for all of 4 days.  The difference maker for me was the first frost of the year.  It dropped ragweed levels and I felt relief for the first time in months.  I tossed the anti-inflammation diet out of the window , but still in search of getting my skin to return to its normal appearance (I have hyperpigmentation).
Bean developed eczema around 4 months old, but the colder weather has really exacerbated it.  Baby Cetaphil has not been effective for him and Vaseline acts just as a bandaid.  A couple weeks ago I purchased the Era organic healing ointment from Amazon that has slowly (very slowly) been working on Bean’s skin.  It has the thickness of Vaseline, but more healing properties.  The redness has decreased significantly but the hypopigmentation is still present.  The good news is he doesn’t seem to be bothered by it (no signs of itching or discomfort).  I tested it on my skin first and experienced some relief but his skin seems to be responding better than mine (yay for Bean).
I’m still searching and will keep you posted on what I find…who knows, maybe this will be my journey to becoming a vegan (after the holidays…maybe).   Feel free to leave your suggestions for natural eczema remedies.  Until then…hey filters!
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Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

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  1. S. Lane says:

    My kids had eczema really bad from like 2 months. I just gave in and did the steroid creams…it was the only thing that would really work! We used Cetaphil lotion in between flare ups and just did a spot treatment with the steroid cream. Aveeno baby eczema works well for them too.

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    1. I’m trying to hold off on the steroid creams, but that was the only thing that worked for me as a kid. His skin eats up Cetaphil. I will have to try out Aveeno! Thanks so much!


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