Sleep Regression

IMG_3129Around 13 weeks, our family moved…and I prepared myself to lose some sleep as Bean transitioned.  Surprisingly, his sleep schedule stayed the same. It was a week into our move when I noticed a change in his sleep habits.

Bean has very strong legs.  We have a rocking bassinet (thanks to some of Bean’s awesome DRC aunties).  His new exercise has been to position his leg on the side of the bassinet and rock it himself.  He amuses himself (and me) daily.   So I quickly learned that strong legs and active Bean means trouble for swaddling.

Bean has been getting out of his swaddle quicker and quicker. It almost seems like a challenge for him! Well it finally came to a head when he was waking nearly every 3 hours…it took me back to the first month’s hazing!  In the words of Joseline….I cannot!!!

So what’s wrong with getting out of his swaddle?  Isn’t that a sign he doesn’t need it anymore?  Well yes and no. While Bean seeks to stretch out more now than his first two months, he still wakes frequently due to his startle response.  Essentially he flinches in his sleep…sometimes from external stimuli (noises) and other times just randomly.  This reflex usually involves him flinging his arms and legs up (and likely hitting himself with his hands).  This makes for short daytime naps and overnight sleep that is pretty challenging for Bean and Mommy.

I believe I’ve found a great transition from the  swaddle. I’m still testing it out so I can bring you a solid review but let’s just say I’m getting some much needed sleep…except when my insomnia kicks in and I’m up writing blog posts at 5am on a school night…or morning.  More info to come.

Has your little one hit road blocks in sleep? Do you believe in the 3 month sleep regression? What are your tips?

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