Back to work…

IMG_0320The first week back to work was pretty uneventful. While I work at a school, the students are not back yet….so it was pretty quiet.  I’m in a new role now that I’m back!  Who do you know that gets a promotion while on maternity leave?!  But GOD!
The biggest thing about going back to work was making sure I made lists and remembered to get everything done before, during, and after work.  Every morning I get up to pack food..a lot of food because I’m breastfeeding and my appetite is outrageous.  I also prep bottles so GG (Bean’s Grandma G) can grab and warm without measuring.  I also make sure I leave while Bean is asleep.  It’s so hard to leave him when he’s awake..hard for me, not him.  While I’m at work, I watch the clock and time my tasks around my pumping needs…yes, I’m attached to the pump.  After work, I make quick trips to the store and rush home to Bean for night time routine.
So let’s rewind…I’m so blessed to have GG here to watch him while we’re working…everyone needs a GG!  He’s in the best hands and I don’t worry when I’m at work.  This has been the most important part of going back to work because I have a peace that he’s safe.  I’m sure he’ll be safe at daycare…when that happens, but family care is best for us right now.
I recognize that I struggled with maintaining balance before Bean, so it will be crucial to re-examine my work life balance periodically to make sure I don’t neglect one or the other.
Share your tips about being a working mom! #workingmom

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