Better out Than In

IMG_0301With all that nursing…it’s inevitable.  Bean has THE worst gas.  At first, it was cute…a poot here, shart there…but it’s on a new level now.  Just short of three weeks ago, he began straining.  The worst of it occurs first thing in the morning…5-7ish.  He turns red in the face and groans so loudly, he wakes himself up and cries.  His tummy gets rock hard and it seems to be awful.  It’s so hard to watch and not being able to do much about it. I immediately thought a tummy massage may get some things moving down or up…at this point, I don’t care how he releases the gas.  Tummy massages didn’t work…at all.  Enter Google…
I read about over the counter gas relief for infants and stumbled upon Mylicon.  The reviews looked great, so I asked Bean’s Dad to pick up some on the way home.  Of course I was still stressed about my baby’s discomfort.  Bean’s Dad sent me a video that was very helpful.  First, I laid Bean on his back on a flat surface…the bed is fine.  I got his legs moving in a bicycle motion, ensuring that his legs fully extend as much as possible.  After a few rotations, I gently pushed Bean’s legs inward toward his bottom and belly until I met resistance.  The outcome is a release of gas and probably a bowel movement.  I repeated this until he seemed to feel better.  The combination of Mylicon (only in the morning when gas was severe) and bicycles have reduced the straining and over the top discomfort.  Problem solved…except his diapers are a lot more interesting these days.  Better out than in

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