We’re getting MARRIED!


Remember when I said in my last post that crossing the finish line was a feeling unmatched?  Well, that was a short lived best moment of the day…Bean’s Dad (now my fiance) organized the most amazing moment after the race when he asked me to marry him!  Ok, so let’s back up…
Immediately after the race, I waddled over to retrieve my medal (which seemed so far away).  When I got back, I was embraced by the BEST run crew, District Running Collective (DRC) and Bean’s grandparents.  In line with our usual routine, we all gathered for a post race photo with runners, cheer squad, and for this weekend…run crews from all over the world!  After the photo, Bean’s Dad made an announcement congratulating me on finishing the race at 28 weeks.  He was beaming with pride and with one blink, he took a ring box from his pocket!  Everyone went crazy and I…I was in utter shock.
It’s rare that I’m short on words…but I was speechless.  After all the tears…yes, the ugly cry, I managed to nod my head yes.  There was confetti, cheering, smiles, and just all-around great vibes.  He slipped on the ring and there was just a rush of emotion.  I just felt so full of joy and love from so many different places.  I’m still on cloud 9.
I have so much joy…there’s so much happening this year!  In two months, we’ll have a new life to love and cherish.  I cannot picture anyone else I would want on this journey with me.

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