Too Much Sauce

Week 17…time is flying by!  I’m patiently awaiting my baby bump to show up any day now.  It’s odd, because I definitely have lower back pain already and my co workers catch me waddling sometimes!  Weird, right?  While my bump hasn’t popped yet, my tatas hit another growth spurt!  Sheesh, I thought they were done.  I live in my new sports bras (great Christmas gift)…they’re so supportive and comfy (and cute!).  I’ll be investing in some nursing bras soon, but for now I’ll be living in my Under Armour sports bras.
More weirdness, I’m starting to realize my cravings so far can be categorized into sauces…too much sauce!  The first trimester was all about salsa and hot sauce…sometimes at the same time.  The beginning of my second trimester brought on guacamole cravings!  It was a two week stint, but I literally wanted to dip everything in guac.  I’ve maintained the hot sauce and salsa, but a couple days ago a new sauce entered the mix.  Spicy brown mustard…I almost put it on popcorn, but I stopped myself.  I decided to cook hot sausage just so I could have my spicy brown mustard…glorious!
What are you craving?  (Pregnant or not)

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