Fun in the Sun

It’s heating up in DC and it means more time outdoors enjoying rooftops, cookouts, playgrounds, and splash parks!  Bean loves the playground and is increasingly engaging with other kids outdoors.

Bean at the splash park in his swim clothes with UPF 50+


Fun in the sun means sunscreen protection.  While melanin provides natural protection for people of color, our skin can still burn (just takes a little longer).  Bean’s skin is still so delicate so we have been trying out different sunscreen products as well as additional ways to protect his skin like hats and clothing with UPF (ulraviolet protection factor).

I hate the white cast that is left on his skin from the sunscreen, so we’re definitely still on the hunt to find the right product.  What sunscreen do you use for you and your family?  Share share share!  It takes a village.

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