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We are in Week 21…soon to be Week 22 and things are happening so quickly!  I’m still in a whirlwind since finding out my little Bean is a boy.  This past week I’ve been feeling so much movement!  My doctor said it was coming…and she was so right!  At first I wasn’t really sure what I was feeling, but the flutters are becoming more and more frequent.  Last night as I attempted to drift off to sleep, I felt a full on kick….downward (yes, down there)!  No, it didn’t hurt…it was just so unexpected.  He’s really getting a kick (pun intended) out of moving his limbs and I’m falling so deeply in love with him and the newness each week brings.
When I’m not planning the next few years of our lives (no,really), one of my new habits is checking out what’s new on YouTube.  Prior to life with Bean, I watched natural hair videos for product reviews, style tutorials, and just for overall hair motivation.  While I don’t watch too many hair tutorials (my winter hair is poppin thanks to Bean), I have focused in on the natural hair gurus that are pregnant or new moms.  While watching a birth and delivery story (yes, that’s a thing), I became curious about hypnobirthing.
I’m still researching, but it seems to be very linked to mindfulness practices where one focuses on the present and makes a conscious choice of responding to one’s environment.  I firmly believe the type of life a person leads is very dependent on the choices the person makes.  Yes…things can happen to/around you, but there’s so much power in how you respond.  Anyway…it seems that hypnobirthing techniques might be helpful before and during the birth and delivery to manage pain without the extra drama (letting my body do what God has built it to do).  Last night, I did my first meditation and Bean settled down…and so did I.
What do you do to calm your anxiety?  Do you fear the delivery process?


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