Spring Cleaning…


Bean’s first Easter

Well well well, I guess Spring finally decided to show up…although this weather feels more like summer.  While most people are knee deep in spring cleaning their home, I’ve been cleaning up my diet.  Why?

I’ve been pretty transparent about my struggle with my skin since my pregnancy, especially with eczema.  When I saw my physician about my options, he suggested that I stop consuming animal products.  My response…wait, what?  There must be some other way! Well, yes, there were other options: steroid creams…and a new  non- steroid eczema cream on the market that had no information about safety for breastfeeding mothers.  Those were not an option for me as I’m breastfeeding (update coming soon).

He explained that my body was having a reaction to both the environment (ragweed) and likely my diet.  While I had already parted ways with milk, cheese, cream, etc., the thought of giving up bacon and burgers was just tooooo much.  I continued to suffer even when allergy season ended.  Throughout the winter, I dealt with cracked, itchy, and irritated skin.  The thought of sweaters made me itch…literally.  I bathed in oatmeal, slathered on all the creams and I continued to research various lifestyle changes.  It was a miserable feeling…

By February, I decided to make a more drastic change in my diet to get my skin and overall health in order.  It was a huge support for Bean’s Dad and grandma (GG) to venture with me during Lent with pescatarianism.  It was a time to dabble in new recipes and to commit myself to make a major change.

It’s been a full month and I have noticed a huge change in my energy.  Yes, I’m still worn out at the end of the day, but that’s expected… we have a running, climbing, inquisitive infant.  My productivity is up at work and I get more done at home after work too (exhibit A…this blog post)!  I feel great and….my skin is clearing up!!! I definitely notice a change in my skin and as a result, I feel more confident and less reliant on makeup.  So back to the eggs…yea, I’m not there yet.  I don’t know if I will ever give up eggs…but the spring cleaning of my diet and lifestyle is off to a great start.

How’s your spring cleaning going?  What changes are you making in your lifestyle?  Any recipe tips for me?


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