Postpartum Hair Loss?


While I was pregnant, I saw so much about postpartum hair loss and constantly asked myself, “Why has no one talked about this before?”  Then I thought that maybe it wouldn’t happen to me.  Well, guess what?  It happened to me.

About four months postpartum, I noticed significant shedding and hair loss in my temple area.  It was so bad that there was a shine that only appears when an area is pretty much BALD! (think Mr. Clean shine)  I was mortified…right in the front of my head.  I had just run out of my prenatal vitamins and hadn’t made the time to replenish.  Well, that was the first thing on my list.  The second thing I did was a bit counter intuitive…I got my hair cut.

A hair cut?  Well, it was supposed to be a trim, but my raggedy ends were beyond the point of a trim.  Honest moment…I received a tapered haircut in October 2015 and aside from a couple barber appointments for my shaved sides, I hadn’t received a trim in two years!  So imagine how many knots I had two years later including 9 months of pregnancy hair growth.  Yea, it was time for a cut.

I also received a protein treatment which really helped the strength of my hair.  I’m all about deep conditioning, but I’ve seriously neglected protein treatments and my hair could tell.  I’ve been using Palmer’s protein pack because it’s also very conditioning, but I’m open to trying different brands.

I have pictures from October (5 months postpartum) compared to February (8 months).  In the three months, I’ve been consistently taking my prenatal vitamins, nearly monthly protein treatments, and I’m scheduling a trim for my birthday in March.  I can already tell a difference, although the shedding continues.  I can see the new growth coming in where the baldness had taken over.   So yes, it happens, but hopefully these tips will help you get through it!


Here’s to happy healthy hair mamas!

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