Bean? A Bean grows in DC?  What are you talking about, Traci?
Our first ultrasound was exciting.  I thought I was going to see a tiny baby in there (this is where the confusion started).  When the doctor printed out the sonogram, we stared…flipped it, and stared some more.  What is this?!  Is it human?  It looks like…like …a bean!  I kept this thought to myself because who wants to be the mom that can’t recognize her own baby?  ::Nervous laugh::
As we started to share the news with family, I sent a picture of our first sonogram (who else would I send the inside of my uterus).  My mom’s response…”I don’t know what I’m looking at, but I hope it’s healthy.”   Thanks Mom.  No really…thanks, I don’t feel that bad anymore.
The name “Bean” stuck because it’s too much to say “he or she” every time I reference our unborn child.
The rest of the title (of our blog) is a play on one of my favorite books as a middle school student, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.  There were a lot of ups and downs in there and probably things I should not have been reading about at that age, but it stood out because it was one of the longest books I could find at the time (I’m sure it was a competition of some sort).  Anyway, I never pictured myself raising a child in the District of Columbia.  I thought by the time I was ready to start a family, I would have moved to the suburbs somewhere.  But here we are… with Bean inside of me… living in DC…(and still mostly in constant state of confusion).

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